Sustaining Partners

Providing Stability All Through the Year

By becoming a Sustaining Partner
you ensure we have the steady income to help those who don’t.

Three generous donors have committed to matching the donations of Sustaining Partners who join us by December 14, 2020. This doubles the impact of your monthly donation!

Your Donation of…

With the matching donation

$30/Month = $360/year

$30/month can provide someone with a month’s worth of personal care and households items

…becomes $720

$720 can repair a car so they
can continue to get to work!

$50/Month = $600/year

$50/month can prevent a family’s electric from being shut off

…becomes $1,200

$1,200/month can prevent them from being evicted!

$100/Month  = $1,200/year

$100/month can provide employment support services for 6 people

…becomes $2,400

$2,400 can provide supplemental groceries for each of their families for 6 months!

$250/Month = $3,000/year

$250/month can provide employment support services for 15 people

…becomes $6,000

$6,000 can prevent 5 individuals/families from being evicted

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