February 5th, 2022

7:00PM -9:00PM
(event Zoom room will open at 6:30)

Registration Tips


Quizzo Tickets = $25 per player (includes one raffle ticket)

Raffle Tickets = $5 each


8 player MAX per team

Teammates do NOT have to be in the same location on game night so this is a perfect opportunity to visit with friends/family from ANYWHERE!

Who's on your team?

We need you to designate a Captain and enter that person’s name when you register. It would great if you could name your other teammates as well.

Don't Have a Team?

NOT a problem. Enter “No Team” in the Team Captain field and we’ll hook you up with some teammates!

What are the raffle prizes?

Throughout the event there will be 4 drawings, each for a chance to win a $50 gift card to one of the hundreds of retails and service providers available via Tango Card. Check out Tango here.

Game Details

What do you need to play?

A Computer – each team location will need a computer. Note: There can be more than one person at any location using Zoom on one computer.

Zoom – every computer will need to have Zoom downloaded. The Zoom link will be emailed to each player. When the link is clicked it will prompt the user to download the Zoom application if it is not already on installed on their computer.

A Team Captain – This person will be one player who will enter and submit your team’s answers.

How Does Remote Quizzo Work?

Example – Bob, Jim, and Donna are on the same team. Bob is in Arizona, Jim is in West Chester, PA and Donna is in a different house in West Chester. All 3 need to have a computer with Zoom.

All players from all teams will be in the main event Zoom “room” at the start of the event, between rounds for answer review, and at the end of the night for final results.

At the start of each round, Bob, Jim, and Donna will be put into a “break- out room” so they can work on the questions as a team. As team Captain, Jim will be the only one completing the answer forms and submitting them on behalf of his team. When “time is up” they will be brought back into the main event room with all other players.

The Zoom event link and the Jotline link to the online answer sheets will be emails to all players on Thurs. February 3.

Quizzo Registration Form