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Oct 25- "Jill" lost her spouse and her income all within months and was no longer able to afford her rent. Now a shelter resident, she is in jeopardy of losing her car that is vital to her ability to get to medical appointments and find adequate income to rebuild her life. "You guys are absolute life savers!", she said with tears in her eyes as she hugged us goodbye. Thank you donors for lifting yet another burden.

Oct 21- "Leo" had lost his job and was behind in some bills. His car registration was about to lapse and without the car, he'd have to way to get to a job once he found one. And then there was the electric...soon to be shut off. We were able to help. When we recently called to follow-up a newly employed "Leo" had this to say..."I appreciate you guys helping me out when I really needed it. It was very generous!"

Sept 10- There are times when the best thing...the right thing to do requires courage and radical change. Over the years we've worked with numerous people who knew that step 1 in rebuilding their lives needed to be relocation. Unable to afford the trip, they need our assistance to "go home", "go where they have a job opportunity", "go to where they will have friends or family by their side" in pursuit of a fresh start. Often with only the clothing on their backs and a temporary place to lay their heads upon arrival, they leave us with a ticket to board a train or bus, having overcome that 1st barrier.

Jun 9- Back on February 10 we posted "Melanie's" story. She lost 1 of her jobs and was facing a court-ordered eviction. We coordinated support across 6 agencies and were able to prevent her from having to go to a shelter. This week we made the follow-up call to see how she's doing, 4 months later. Great news is, she's current with all bills and able to stay that way.

May 23- After winning a bout with cancer, "Charles" was faced with yet another hurdle. His disability income was terminated before he was cleared to return to work full-time. And then came the shut-off notice for his electric bill. We were there to help "Charles" because so many of you continue to support us.

May 20- "Rachel's" Story
Late April = unexpected financial set-back
May 3 = 10-day shut-off notice from the electric company but, in anticipation of the notice, she made an appointment w/ ACT in Faith to get assistance on May 8
THAT SAID, May 6 = electric company shut her off...7 days early!
Thanks to our donors we were able to assist and show Rachel that she is NOT alone! Thank you donors!

Feb 26- Once a victim of domestic violence finds a safe shelter they need to forge their path forward, which just adds to their already overwhelming situation. With the support of our donors, we are here to remove some of the barriers and help clear the path forward. Bus tokens to get to work or an interview, resume/job search, pre-employment expenses, cell phone, security deposit, clothing -all are things that many of us take for granted - yet all are things that are be huge hurdles for those on the road to empowerment.

Nov 30 - Over the years we're developed a partnership with a local drug/alcohol treatment center. We have helped many with the security deposit and employment support services needed to enter the center's longterm housing program and obtain employment so they can cover their rent going forward. The recovery road has manyhurdles, we try to remove the ones we can.