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This is the last thing anyone, especially a single mom of 4, wants to see in their mailbox.

necessary car repair set her back and now this.

Making $25,000 per year, “Jill’s” family is living $3,410 UNDER the 2016 Federal Poverty Level.

We paid the arrears so the heat/lights would stay on. We also provided a few tips to help her stretch her dollars even further.

Imagine living one car repair…one rent increase from crisis. Imagine the end of this story, if our donors had not made it possible for us to be there for “Jill.”

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January 21st

Dear Diary

Oct 28 - We were visited by 3 former clients today, all of whom we assisted in different ways, at different times, Each shared good longer shelter residents, all are housed, employed, and very appreciative of the support we were able to provide. Thank you donors for making it possible for us to walk along side of people when they need someone in their corner!

Oct 7 - Remember our Sept 28 post about shoes, backpack, phone, job search help, resume...HOPE??? Well, we just learned that our friend has been hired by a local business!! EMPLOYMENT! Another HUGE step forward in his journey.

Sept 28 - We had the honor of joining another journey today....another opportunity to travel, if only briefly, with someone determined to overcome. We parted ways with teary eyes, full hearts, and the knowledge that - despite our different paths, we are one in our humanity.

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