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Chef's Best 2016
Neighbors Feeding Neighbors
June 2016
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Neighbors Feeding Neighbors
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Chef's Best 2016!
Blaise Labik
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Chefs Best 2016

484-324-8492  212 S. High St. West Chester, PA 19382

Our Sponsors

Finally, our night wouldn't have been possible without our sponsors.  We are so gratefull for their generosity and support of this event and our mission in general.
IT21 Enterprise Solutions
Morton Family Law
Sun East Charitable Foundation
ABC Hearing
Barclay Friends
Fig Dave's Automotive Repair The Town Dish

Dear Diary

April 5 -  As we slog through the post-fundraiser clean-up process attempting to get everything counted, folded, packed and safely tucked away we received a powerful reminder as to why we do what we do....and why Chef's Best is so very important. A client popped in today just to say "thank you"...for the phone minutes, the groceries....and for helping him get a new job. If only you all could have seen his beaming smile and excitement! Thank you donors and all who supported Chef's Best've changed another life.

March 23 -  Transportation can be a huge barrier. Interviews, jobs, medical appointments, and even support services become unachievable steps forward without transportation. In the 1st 2 months of 2016, we were able to help 14 people on their journey by providing transportation assistance ...our donors change lives!

March 16  Had a client experience today - too long to explain here. It was a "can't get A without B...can't get B without A" ...textbook "Catch 22". OH...and did I mention, you can't get a job without BOTH? Makes ya wonder - would the unemployment rate would be lower if we could remove the senseless barriers that prevent someone from moving forward - empower instead of oppress????


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Carlino's Market
Cakes and Candies by Maryellen
Gemelli Gelato
West Chester Diner