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"Why don't they just get a job?" often-asked question by many who are far removed from poverty. If only it were that simple. The barriers to employment are many.  They are as basic as needing a photo ID, bus tokens to get to an interview, or the means to communicate w/ potential necessary as computer access and savvy, a resume or the "know how" to create one... ans as unexpected as needing to provide your own work clothing/tools once you get the job. Our donors, volunteers, and staff are helping to remove those barriers every day.  The chart pictured here reflects the Employment Support services we've provided since January of the year.

Dear Diary

JUN 30 -Every week ACT in Faith partners with other local agencies. One common scenario is when their Case Managers have a housing plan in place for someone but the housing isn't available for a day, a fews days or a week. We assist with funding for brief hotel stays so the person/family doesn't remain or become homeless.

JUN 2 - Cell phone, bus tokens, work the last 2 weeks we've provided to several people with these 3, much needed items. But equally as important, we provided a welcoming place for them to turn, compassionate listeners, and faith in their ability to forge their future. Thank you donors for making all of this possible.

May 5 - A NOTE WE RECEIVED TODAY - "I want to say thank you for helping my family when we needed a hand....We were in a hole that felt like we could not get out of. It was one of the hardest times to go through. From your help we were able to stay in our home and get back on track! I hope in the future we as a family can help someone in need."

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